City Heights event postponed

We at Rolling For Rights have collectively made the decision to postpone Saturday’s City Heights event. This was a very hard decision, and we‘re feeling a lot of you might be upset.

We demand transparency from city officials, and want to provide you with that same integrity. Initially, we planned on 8.15 as our next event, during that organizing and planning phase we navigated multiple obstacles while building a very elaborate resource event. Some details which we hadn’t had the chance to release yet.

unfortunately, with the current landscape of covid uprising we don’t feel it’s responsible to host this freedom of speech rally, regardless of the effort, organization, and safety regulations that have been put in place.

Our focus at RFR is this community, and we are currently working towards finding a more integrated approach that includes city officials so that we can make sure you are safe & our message is clear.

If we were to do something virtually would you be interested?